“Over a decade long journey of Research & Experience in the field of sharing “True Knowledge and Lessons connected to 7 Chakras”, we conclude that every aspect of our life is directly or indirectly connected to the 7 Chakras (subtle energy centres) located in our body”.

Our emotional health, physical health, financial prosperity and spiritual development are connected with proper functioning of the 7 Chakras. As humans we are not born to undergo miseries and sufferings forever. It is the wrong conditioning and lack of awareness of the right tools and techniques that has been the reason for our sufferings and unfulfillment.

Nature has bestowed us with positivity, flexibility, adaptability and right balance of sensitivity to face challenges and to overcome them. Challenges and adverse situations that we face in our lives are Nature’s way of testing us, overcoming them helps us evolve in to stronger human beings. We believe that we are never burdened with more than what we can handle. We just have to remember that we are provided with all the tools that are required to overcome all the odds of life. Just becoming open to understanding and receiving the True Knowledge is the KEY.


Rooted in the ancient Vedic Wisdom, the 7 Chakra Sadhana at Chakra Yog is a combination of Vedic Knowledge sharing – the True Knowledge and the ‘Neti Neti’ technique of Saint Adi Shankracharya.

‘Neti Neti’ simply means "Not this, Not that”. This involves an analytical meditation that helps a person understand the nature of Brahman (True Reality) by first understanding what is "not Brahman". Using this understanding, the aspirant negates identification with all things of this world which is not the Atman; in this way the aspirant negates the Un-atman.

Through this gradual process, the aspirant negates the mind and transcends all worldly experiences that are negated until nothing remains but the Self. The aspirant attains Union with the Divine Power or Absolute by denying the body, name, form, intellect, senses and all limiting adjuncts and discovers what remains, the true "I" alone. This approach will help you discover your true Self and the real meaning of life.

A complete focus on helping individuals understand the True Knowledge for creating Physical Wellbeing (disease free), Emotional Well-being, Financial Prosperity, Spiritual development and progression and eventually Self Realization or Enlightenment is in our approach to Sadhana (accomplishment practices).

The True Knowledge connected to 7 Chakra Sadhana (accomplishment practices) is a scientific and a spiritual process broken down into four steps or through a series of workshops on related topics to point you to a deeper understanding of your true nature or your true-self. This involves:

  • Learning the lessons of the 7 chakras and attuning to the fundamental laws of life
  • Self-introspection to see through the illusions, perceptions, definitions, limiting beliefs and overcoming varied fears
  • Mantra Chanting and techniques to destroy the Vrittis or habitual motion of thoughts associated with egoic desires and attachments
  • Release meditations to release everything that is holding you back due to karmic imprints or Sanskaras

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