Chakra Yog is on a Mission is to share True Knowledge that is rooted in ancient Vedic Wisdom and reveal secrets of Chakra Science and Chakra Opening or Balancing to help individuals break free from limiting self-imposed beliefs, illusions, perceptions and wrong definitions that put him into a seemingly never ending materialistic and mechanical life and attain rounded success and spiritual development and progression. We want to help individuals do complete justice to the immense potential that Supreme has provided to each and every one in their own right.

Chakra Yog is on a Mission to propagate the ‘true reason of our existence’ and explain in-depth the reasons and causes of failures, fears, diseases, financial problems, poor relationships and mental stress. We want to empower your life with holistic health, success and prosperity in the journey of your life.

Chakra Yog is on a Mission to create Chakra Yog Trainers and Chakra Healers all round the world to help spread the Mission to transform the face of Planet Earth.


Chakra Yog has been successfully proliferating the knowledge of Chakra Science and Chakra Opening or Chakra Balancing to aspirants across the world and many cities in India.

The most popular workshops:
  • You are More - 7 Chakra Sadhana
  • I am a Chakra Yogi (Out station – two day workshops offered at five levels)
  • Workshop on Karma
  • Gods, their stories and Vahanas ( How Mythology encompassed vital life lessons)
  • Training the mind, body and senses
  • Yog and meditation
  • Workshops on Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra, Parad and Vastu

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